Prelude Dance For You Online

We are excited to launch Prelude Dance For You Online!

To celebrate our launch we are giving everyone who signs up to Tap or Ballet classes FREE access to our Dance Fitness classes until 1st July!

What is Prelude Dance For You Online?

We have taken our fabulous Ballet, Tap and Dance Fitness classes and turned them into online class sessions for you. These classes are accessed through Google Classroom and you have unlimited access to all the resources available in the Classrooms while you are signed up.

About the Classes

Ballet and Tap classes run for around 30 minutes and Dance Fitness Sets run for around 15 minutes, with a few shorter options if you are looking for something quick to get you moving.

Each week a new class is loaded so you can keep building on your skills. You also have the opportunity to do any of the available classes as many times as you want in a week.

The Ballet Classroom currently has a Beginner Ballet and an Intermediate Ballet class option. We encourage anyone taking the Beginner Ballet class for the first time to head over to our Youtube Chanel and check out our Ballet Basics before you jump into your first class. The Intermediate Class is a great option for those that have done Ballet previously.

The Tap Classroom currently has one class option available and we recommend those signing up for this class have either attended our in person classes previously or have had previous Tap experience.

While we are unable to actively connect with each other in person we will also be offering opportunities to virtually come together through Zoom. Keep an eye on our newsletters, in the Google Classrooms and on our Facebook page for all the details.

Cost per 4 week block:

$32 – 1 Classroom Access: Ballet or Tap

$48 – 2 Classroom Access: Ballet and Tap

Dance Fitness Classroom Access is FREE for all those enrolled in Ballet or Tap until 1st July.

Ready to Jump Into Class? Complete the form below and we will email you an invoice for 4 weeks of classroom access.

Enrolling Student Details:

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Please list below any Medical conditions that we need to be aware of to ensure you are supported in your learning. These details are kept confidential and will only be shared with the teacher of the student to assist in their learning or medical carers if aid is required.

Contact Details:

Important information is sent via email throughout the year. Please ensure you update the office with any change of email address.

Online Class Enrolment Terms and Conditions:

Fees are payable before you are sent the online Classroom Information.

Prelude Dance For You is part of Prelude Dance Centre.

I agree to accept full responsibility for any injury sustained by myself while participating in online classes and understand it is my responsibility to ensure I have a clear dance space with suitable non-slip flooring before commencing any online classes.