Dust off those Dancing Shoes!

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We are excited to be ready to launch our Online Class option starting Monday 11th May!

To our current students we say Thank You for your patience as we have prepared the resources to make this happen and to new students we say Welcome!

Our aim in our Online Classes is to make dance accessible for you at home, while we are unable to get into the studio. If this goes well our intention is to continue with this option to provide you with an option for when life happens and you can’t make it to class.

Our online classes are pre-recorded classes running from 15 minutes for Dance Fitness sets up to around 30 minutes for Ballet and Tap classes. These class lengths give you a great work out and if you need to take a breather during the class all you need to do is pause the video. You can also easily go back over exercises at your own leisure to ensure you get all the details of an exercise.

Our Online Class content is currently offered through Google Classroom. If you don’t have a Google Account make sure you create one for yourself before you receive your Classroom invite. You will be ready to jump straight into your first dance class.

Ready to get dancing? See full details and sign up for your first 4 week block of classroom access here.