What To Bring to Class

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Have you ever seen photos of super fit dancers strutting around in their leotards? Relax. That’s not us. At Prelude, we want you to be comfortable with yourself while improving your fitness. Here are the things to bring to class.

Bring Water – We will be working hard so make sure you bring a water bottle to sip from throughout class.

Bring Your Curiosity – Not sure of something? We love your questions and are happy to go over movements in order to help you. If you aren’t sure of a step I can guarantee everyone else will benefit from revision of a step.

Wear Something Comfortable – Wearing firmer fitting clothes such as leggings and a singlet top makes it easier for your teacher to ensure you are aligning your body correctly. If you have never put on a singlet top and pair of leggings in your life, we don’t want you feeling uncomfortable in the clothes you are dancing in. Find something that is stretchy and easy to move in and work up to wearing firmer fitting clothing as the year progresses and you feel more comfortable in class.

When You Are Ready, Bring The Shoes – Once you have found the style of dance you enjoy, it becomes easier with the correct footwear. Tap shoes for Tap, ballet flats for Ballet, and jazz sneakers or jazz shoes for Dance Fitness.

If you need help finding correctly fitting shoes, head over to Sammy’s Room in Underwood as they are happy to help and know all the requirements for Prelude Classes.